Trout in the Classroom Update

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The Chapter presently has five TIC's that are operational. They are as follows: Mrs. Melva Brannon's High School Science Class in Calico Rock, Mrs. Amy Branscum's High School Science Class in Norfork, Wade Geery's 4-6 Grade Classes in Norfork, Mrs. Stephanie DeMent's 8th Grade Class in Mt. Home and Angela Criger's Class in Yellville.


This year Mrs. Barnett's 4th Grade Class in Cotter will not have a TIC. The equipment from her class was moved by Chapter Members Bruce Burr and Tom Emerick to Mrs. Holly Edward's High School Science Class in Yellville. The materials for a table for Mrs. Edward's TIC will soon be in hand and the Hatchery Outreach Program personnel will assemble the table. It is hoped that the new TIC will be operational by the end of October. Thanks to Mrs. Branscum for providing a TIC home for two years and to Mrs. Edwards for providing a new TIC home.


Chapter volunteers Sara Thorne, Joe Salisbury, Miriam Emerick and Tom Emerick worked with Norfork National Fish Hatchery Project Manager Jon Casey and Biologist Trey Anderson. They set up the TIC equipment, filled the aquariums with water and planted the Whitlock Vibert Boxes containing 100 rainbow trot eggs into the gravel of the aquariums. The equipment for all the classes was set up by August 21 and the eggs were planted by August 24. All the classes have reported that the eggs have hatched and the fry have swum from their WVB home and are feeding from the aquarium's surface. Hmmm, wonder if they will ever eat one of our sulfur dry flies on the Norfork or White River.


Special thanks to Jon and Trey for providing a trailer for equipment transport and for providing the healthy trout eggs and feed.


At our October 5th Chapter meeting we recognized and thanked those that have made this year's TIC's possible. In attendance were Garry Potter of E-Z Loader Trailers, Rick Hastings, Sarah Bruzinski and Karen Hopper of ASU Industrial Tech, Jon Casey of NNFH, TU volunteers and TIC teachers. Together we can teach another generation how precious trout are and why we need to protect their habitat.