Create a User Account

We feel like the site is pretty intuitive and are hoping most members will be able to figure it out. Browse around the site a little first, so you know what you are getting into. Click on a member picture and see what a profile looks like.

Ready? Click on the log-in link in the upper right corner. You will be taken to a user account screen.
There are three tabs. It defaults to the Log In tab.

If you already get mail from TU National:
    Select the New Password Tab and request a temporary password by typing in the email address to which they send.
If you never get email from TU National, this indicates they do not have accurate/updated info about you (or you are not a member):
    Select Create New Account tab. Fill out the form as requested.
    NOTE: User name is the name that will show up on website for all to see. Our board members are using real names rather than unidentifiable screen names. It’s up to you what you use.

In a few minutes you will get an automated email with a temporary link. It will take you back to the chapter website – back to your user account. This is where you will create a permanent password.

When you get to the bottom of the page select SAVE AND VIEW PROFILE. The profile is a place to share a little information about yourself and to upload a display picture that will replace the trout head.

OK Those are the basic steps. You are ready to blog, leave comments on articles, and add to the event calendar.

If you are known as a current member by National, your name/and picture you uploaded will appear in the list of members. If you are not a member in good standing, you will still have access – but the log-in button in the upper right corner changes to Join. When you hit that button, you are then accepted into the chapter group.

We're all still learning; but I think this is a great tool provided by national that we can all benefit from.