Trout in The Classroom 2015-2016

Our Chapter has had two Trout in The Classroom(TIC) schools for the past two years. The 4th Grade class in Cotter under Ashton Barnett's guidance and Wade Geery's 4-6 Grade classes in Norfork were the first participating schools. They received Whitlock Vibert Boxes loaded  with one hundred rainbow trout eggs to be placed in their environmentally friendly aquariums. Students and teachers learn of the trout's life cycle and development and the high water quality demanded by trout for survival. They have each provided the Chapter with updates (see Wade Geery article) of their TIC and have released their trout fingerlings into the White and Norfork Rivers respectively. Our Chapter has provided all necessary equipment to make the classes a success. It is a great experience to see smiling children releasing the trout fingerlings into the river.


The coming school year will see four more schools with TIC. They are as follows:

  • Mt. Home - Harvey Beaver's 8th grade class
  • Yellville - Angela Criger's  High School science classes
  • Norfork- Amy Branscum's High School science classes
  • Calico Rock - Principal Anita Cook - High School science classes


Although we have been fortunate to obtain the necessary equipment at very resonable prices, the cost per class is about $1000.00. This year's classes all require special tables on which to place the aquariums and chillers. All available counter space in their science classrooms is being used. We have been able to put together the tables at a cost to the Chapter of about $130.00 per table. Considering the cost for a stand that only holds the aquarium is over $300.00 at Petco, we are blessed to live in a community with companies and institutions that believe in our programs and give materials and labor to make them work. The tables were a collabrative effort of Darrel William's plans and material list, Garry Potter and E-Z Loader Trailer's donation of the steel at 1/2 price, the Outreach Program of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery donating two 3/4 " sheets of cabinet grade plywood and Rick Hasting's welding class at the ASU Industrial Tech center. The tables will be attractive and capable of holding the aquariums and chillers with ease.


During August 11-19 Chapter members and friends will be helping the teachers set up the tables, aquariums, chillers and other necessary equipment. Jon Casey, Project Leader at the Hatchery and Trey Anderson , Hatchery Biologist will be joined by Chapter members Sara Thorne, Mike Schraeder, Joe Salisbury and Tom Emerick in what we hope will be an efficient assembly of the TIC equipment. Marilyn Doran the Director of the Fred Berry Environmental Center has donated 4 copies each of Duane Hada's Ozark Tailwater poster and AG&FC trout identification charts and 4 copies of the AG&FC Fishing Regulation booklet. Marilyn hopes that out TIC teachers will encourage their students to get out and fish.


As the TIC's progress we hope to have some upgrades from the teachers. For any interested in learning more about TIC see TU's webpage  


The Whitlock Vibert Boxes with eggs will be provided during the end of August and early September.



Great work!  

Folks interested in TIC can also visit the TIC webpage at  or email me, Tara at

Thanks Tara . You must be the new Youth Activities Coordinator. I will pass that info on to our teachers.