TIC Fish Releases

The 2015-2016 TIC had their commencement services with the release of this year's class of trout. The releases were done on the following dates and locations:


May 4th - Stephanie DeMent's Mt. Home 8th Grade Science Class released their rainbow trout into Dry Run Creek(DRC) and enjoyed a Hatchery tour, trout biology lesson, macroinvertebrate sampling and fly fishing on DRC. Nearly fifty-five students enjoyed the day.


May 6th - Angela Criger's Yellville H.S. Science Class released their Rainbow Trout into Big Spring in Cotter. Sara Thorne assisted with the release.


May 10 & 12 - Melva Brannon's Calico Rock 8th & 9th Grade Science Classes. Her 9th grade class released their Rainbow Trout into DRC on May 10th and both classes enjoyed Hatchery tours, trout biology lessons, macroinvertebrate sampling and Fly Fishing DRC. Melva was a bit emotional with the release of "her" trout. A total of seventy-two students enjoyed the experience.


May 11th- Holly Edward's Yellville 8th and 9th Grade Science Classes released their Brown Trout into DRC. Fifteen students enjoyed a Hatchery tour, trout biology lesson and macroinvertebrate sampling.


May 17th- Amy Branscum's Norfork H.S. Science Class released their Brown Trout into DRC. Nine students enjoyed a Hatchery tour, trout biology lesson and macroinvertebrate sampling.


May 19th- Wade Geery's Norfork 4-6 Grade classes released their rainbow trout into the Norfork River at the confluence of DRC. Seventy-five students enjoyed a Hatchery tour.


One of our teachers, Wade Geery, is retiring this year. His replacement, Mrs. Hudspeth, participated in the trout release and will continue with the TIC next year. Presently all our TIC teachers will participate again in the 2016-2017 school year. Wade and his wife will be teaching in Alaska and Wade would like to participate in TU's Salmon in The Classroom Program in Alaska.


Thanks to Chapter Volunteers Sara Thorne, Joe Salisbury, Steve Wilson, Duane Bell, Bruce Burr and Tom Emerick the TIC's were set up and maintained. They also assisted with the fly fishing portion of the class tours at the Hatchery. In addition the following volunteers helped with DRC fly fishing: Ron Beasley, Richard Ramsey, Ron McQuay, Vern Berry, Ken Sickels, Mike Tipton,Paul Craig, Danny Barker and Dave Hussey. Richard Ramsey remarked that Mrs. DeMent's and Mrs. Brannon's classes were the best behaved and mannered kids he has fished with on DRC. Richard has guided many kids on DRC.


The tours of the Hatchery and the activities provided  would not be possible without Hatchery manager Jon Casey and staff members Trey Anderson, Mike Lewis, James DisMore and others. They continue to provide a well kept facility and inform  the public of its operation and its importance to this region.


The May 11th edition of the Baxter County Bulletin contained a  front page photo and story of Melva Brannon's 9th Grade trout release into Dry Run Creek. Thanks to Chapter member Tommy Hagan for suggesting we get coverage in the Bulletin. The Bulletin's managing editor Sonny Elliot and Staff Photographer Josh Dooley were professional and enjoyable to work with.


We look forward to next year's classes.