Christmas Parade Boat Promotion

What a better way to promote our boat raffle, than parade it through town? And that's exactly what we did on Friday, Dec 2nd as part of the Mountain Home Christmas parade!


Volunteers distributed nearly 500 cards advertising our boat raffle to adults in the audience. We will be watching for a boost in sales over the next few days.


This was our first parade that required lights and we learned a few things.  


The most important is: don't turn on the lights before the parade starts. You'll see in the photos below, a great sign advertising the boat (designed by Sara) and lit up with flood lights. Well, the battery powering those lights gave up shortly before the parade started.


Then, the power inverter controlling Frosty and the stringed lights started beeping. Oh no, the battery is running low! We turned everything off until our vehicle hit the parade route. Then, we sacrificed Frosty in fear that the fan would drain the battery before we made it to the end.




Another interesting thing about parades: when you're watching them, progress can seem slow. But, when you are walking, greeting the crowd and passing out candy and cards, a parade is very fast. A lot of hustle was required to keep up with the boat.The exercise was great and kept us warm!



The card we passed out included member meeting info, and our facebook and website addresses. It was rewarding to see so many of the recipients reading the card or putting it in their pocket for later. Even if we don't sell any raffle tickets, I know we have raised some awareness in the community.


Volunteer Thanks to:
Steve and Rabecca Dally for the truck, candy and decorating of float
Tiffany Johnson for ideas, decoration efforts and participation
David & Dianna Fulghum for decoration items (lights, wreaths etch) and participation
Sherry Gibbany-Poulos for candy and participation
Jane Carr & Chuck Orvis for candy
Wendy Luna, Kim Frantom, Duane Bell, Gabriella, Guy and Shawn Ballmer, Kade and Shyan Howard



You can read more about the boat here.



Raffle tickets to win the boat are available at Dally's Ozark Fly Shop in Cotter, AR or through the online link below.



There is a $3.00 fee attached to cover credit card processing fees. We will acknowledge your order when we put your stub in the mail.



Sorry the photos are not the best. Cell phones and darkness are not the best combination.