2017 Egg Planting Cancelled

Our 2016 planting was cancelled due to potential egg contamination. And now, we have had to cancel our 2017 planting due to high water.

Most folks are aware that both Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes are near capacity and it will be necessary to release water over the next few months to lower the levels. While we enjoy periodic levels of low generation, we are concerned that big releases will be detrimental to freshly planted eggs.

AR’ White River TU Chapter #698, made a commitment to plant 50,000 eggs a year for a minimum of 5 years (and probably more), in the Norfork Tailwater and White Rivers. So far 250,000 eggs have been distributed in the Norfork Tailwater and 100,000 in the White. 

These photos if nothing else will help fuel the volunteer efforts for future work days.

Norfork Bonnevile Cutthroats are growing! June 27, 2016 with Clint Wilkinson..


By Bill Thorne
AR Council Chair, Trout Unlimited